Mirella Tenaglia was born September 1975, in Atessa, Chieti (Italy).

She lives in Rome and is a psychologist and psychoterapist.

She got her degree in psychology at Urbino University with a final dissertation about <symbolic representation of the self with associations>.

She attended the two-year course of Psychodiagnostic Rorschach in Rome at <Scuola romana Rorschach.>

She also attended a course of processing at University of Padua about the evaluation techniques in childhood and adolescence in a context of consultation psychodynamic with the Professor Adriana Lis, with a final dissertation about <Sissy boy syndrome.>

She has specialized in psychological treatment of mental disorders in Rome at <Isteba.> working with children and adolescents.

She also worked in many structures that deal with children who suffered from violence (for exemple <Tetto Azzurro>, and, on a volunteer basis, in <TSMREE>, (Protection of mental health and rehabilitation in childhood and adolescence.)


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